Shrimp Parmesan Spinach Salad

Posted on Oct 25 2013 - 11:30am by The Unhinged Home

Shrimp Parmesan Spinach Salad

I have been eating super healthy lately. Other than last Saturday when I was in the U.P. and had 4 cookies in one day and 3 handfuls of Doritos. (If you are reading this, not from Michigan and wondering what U.P. means, it means the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) But other than that I have been doing great!… Except I do eat more M&M’s because of this┬ánew addition in our entry way. But seriously other than that I have been eating well. I swear. :)

One thing I have been eating a ton of is Spinach! If it worked for Popeye it might work form me.

So I came up with the recipe a couple weeks ago and have been eating it a few times a week because it is delish. The sauce is from Buffalo Wild Wings and usually isn’t something you mix with shrimp or spinach but I tried it out and it was awesome. I basically just gave away the whole recipe, which is hard not to do when their are only 3 ingredients.



Here is what you will need:

  • 2 cups of fresh spinach.
  • 10 to 15 shrimp
  • 1 tablespoon of Parmesan Garlic Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce

Parmesan Shrimp Salad

Thing number one:

Put the shrimp in a bowl of hot water for about 3 to 4 minutes to let them defrost.

Thing number two:

While the shrimp is defrosting, start cooking the spinach in a frying pan on low. I like to chop my spinach up a bit before doing this, you can do whatever you would like with the spinach, I won’t tell anyone.

Parmesan Shrimp Salad

Oh and as you can tell from the picture, I like to take off the stems… I don’t like the texture too much.

Thing number three:

Once the spinach gets cooked down and the shrimp is defrosted, toss in the shrimp. (I hope this goes without saying but take off their tails first. Nobody wants a shrimp tail in their salad. At least nobody that I know, or want to know.)

Thing number four:

Add a tablespoon of the sauce. A little goes a long ways, so you may not even want a full tablespoon. I also try not too use to much because the sauce has a bit more sodium than I would like.

Parmesan Shrimp Salad

Thing number five:

Eat it!

Parmesan Shrimp Salad


Of course you can always add some of your own mixings in their. Maybe some cooked peppers and onions would be good, or some mushrooms. Happy Friday!

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  1. Sue Wojahn October 25, 2013 at 3:06 pm - Reply

    Can’t wait till I try the Spinach and Shrimp thingy. Looks good. And, congradulations.

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