Spare Chair Affair (Folding Chair Redo)

Posted on Oct 16 2013 - 11:30am by The Unhinged Home

Folding Chair Painting

First off 2 points for creative title? No?

Moving on. The setting is October 2010 and I have lived in my house for about 3 weeks. Most of the top floor is painted and everything is unpacked. I am about to have 10 people over to have dinner/hangout. The problem: I own 4 chairs in my whole house and I am poor… I mean really poor, I was 21 and just bought a house. The fact that I had to purchase my own dish soap and pay to have trash taken away was still an issue to me. So I jumped on my laptop at the corner of my house that I could steal Wi-Fi from my neighbors for free and began to peruse Craigslist.

After a few minutes I found “4 old folding chairs” for $10. SOLD! They have worked out great for the past 3 years but are such an eye sore. I love the design of them and how they are not your regular folding chair you can pick up at Walmart, but the color was just blah. So I decided it was time they get a face lift.

Here are a couple before shots.

Folding Chair Re paint

Folding Chair Re paint

I wanted to paint them but I was worried if the paint would stick to the material on the seat of the chair. The material is a very heavy duty vinyl type. I reassured myself that it would, considering I used one of the chairs to stand on while painting the top of a wall 2 years ago and I dripped some paint on the material. I didn’t try too hard to get the paint off but it hasn’t faded a bit since then, so I assumed I was safe.

After fulling making up my mind I got to taping off the chairs…. If I were to redo this project again, I’m not sure I would. It probably took a good 4-5 hours to tape and paint these. The main reason being all the nooks and crannies that you had to tape off. I did them in sets of two, so I would keep my sanity.

Folding Chair Re paint

Folding Chair Re paint

Folding Chair Re paint


Doesn’t all that taping look like a blast? I think what bothered me most was that it took 30 minutes to tape each one off and only 5 minutes max to paint them. I painted two coats of white Valspar primer, letting it dry about an hour in between coats. Random Fact: Valspar is my favorite spray paint.

Folding Chair Re paint

I let the chairs dry over night so I could start taping again the next day, but this time I was taping off the legs and all the white paint so I could paint the seat and seat back.

Folding Chair Re paint

Then I got to painting. My plan was to do two coats but after painting a minute I realized the second coat wasn’t necessary.

Folding Chair Re paint

I had blast trying to paint behind the the legs in the picture above. It was only after that I realized I could have folded up the chair and it would have gone a whole lot easier… Oh well. Next time I paint folding chairs I will be all over that technique.

I let them dry over night and brought them inside the next day.

Folding Chair Re paint

I think that they turned out pretty great but we will see after a few uses how they hold up and I will let you know. Here is a close up shot of the color.


I keep hearing that I only make everything 3 different colors, so I painted them a fun deep purple that somewhat goes with my house’s color scheme. I don’t think the purple is too much because they are only out once or twice a month when we have people over and need a spare chair (to have an affair?… No more dumb rhymes)

Happy Wednesday!





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